Working with the mill and rope maker, we quality control the entire process from the soil and the seed, the eco-friendly growing agents added to the plants, and the cutting, retting, sorting, piling, carding, grading, yarn spinning and rope making.

Yarn Grading

Our High Grade-Clean Batch Tossa is a corchorus olitorius variety recognised as the ultimate quality from all markets.

For batching, we use extremely high quality 100% Vitamin A and D fortified soybean oil. This oil is made from seeds grown under a UNICEF social project scheme, with help from UNESCO. Supply chain management ensures seed source, grade and GMO-free product, and seed is only transported via waterways.

Oil is applied from dedicated tanks, feed lines and nozzles. We draw, then batch on separated production lines, and coat with tapioca starch-water to spin long filament yarn twisted optimum for longitundinal stress applications, e.g. rope.

Amatsunawa specification Tossa yarn is Grade 1, with which we twist strands and rope to specification on dedicated machinery under our Quality Control so the entire process avoids all contamination.