GC-MS Amatsunawa White


Our white jute yarn is batched/spun on general machinery with non-rancidifying vegetable oil and coated with Polyvinyl Alcohol (C2H4O).

Fig. 1 – Gas Chromatography screening for presence of hydrocarbons

Screening of the hexane extract in the AMATSUNAWA white jute rope shows traces (0.197%) of hydrocarbons consistent with JBO. This low amount comes from contamination resident during yarn spinning and/or prior production with other yarns on rope winding machinery.

Fig. 2 – Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy screening extraction

Fig. 3 – Gas Chromatography Flame Ionization Detector (GCFID) screening extraction

Fig. 4 – GCFID screening extraction chemical content

Analysis shows 0.091% rheum palmatum [Indian rhubarb] bio-propagator to help saplings against disease and promote early growth, etc, plus 0.008% bio-insecticide, 0.007% bio-fungicide and 0.006% anti-mosquito bio-insecticide. All are odourless. None represent negative effects.