We have a long experience with international and Japanese industrial manufacturing. Unsatisfied with available rope quality, in 2012 we began investigating improving the production of jute yarns and ropes.

Since 2014, we have technically specified to produce a new grade of yarn and rope without using carcinogenic batching oil that is light, easy to handle, odourless and optimum for intended use.

Jute Batching Oil (JBO)

Our first rope was Amatsunawa White, manufactured in Japan from a corchorus capsularis variety 15/1 yarn. We source this in 500kg quantities, and it is VOT batched without JBO and then coated with PVA.

Eco-friendly Production

By researching with the jute growers, yarn mill, rope historians, manufacturers and analysis laboratories, it allowed us to specify the entire process. We have revived almost-forgotten techniques to produce Amatsunawa Tossa from a corchorus olitorius variety 14/1 Grade 1 (Food Grade) yarn. We produce this in large quantities to our specification, and it is batched with soybean oil and then coated with tapioca starch.

The Cord of Desire